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There are many people working tirelessly behind the scenes of YAL in a worthy effort to present a nice looking website, provide interesting content with educational relevance, to build a social network of like-minded liberty loving youths from across America; youth’s who are unafraid to cross political party lines to ensure that their future is better and far brighter than the present. If the members and future members of YAL are going to have a better and brighter future, liberty must reign. To put it bluntly, the future of America, a free America where liberty reigns behind every closed window or shut door, begins right here. Right here, right now.

One of the first thing’s every YAL member should do is help build traffic to the YAL website. This could be done on your computer in a three piece suit, or a pair of old navy jeans, or butt naked. An easy way of doing this is to make sure you visit the site every day, preferably several times per day, and ‘digg’ every article on the blog (except for this one). Digg it, share it, reddit, Yahoo Buzz it, etc. Use all the sharing features provided on YAL as that’s why they are here. The laws of averages will start working on our behalf. Second, place the direct link to the YAL website in your email signature tagline. But don’t spam. It’s a proven fact that people’s curiosity gets the better of them most of the time and chances are, even if you’ve said nothing about YAL, the person you emailed will eventually click on the link. The power of ‘one’ can be astronomical. Also, join likeminded forums and include the YAL site in your comment signature line.

Perhaps this one is better suited for the web designers. As part of the Ron Paul meetup group in my hometown, I noticed on the meetup site that it had a business card template. The template had four or five different business card designs to choose from and each one, the web address was static (you could move it around on the business card but couldn’t take it off). A YAL business card template would permit members to choose a design, add their personal contact info, and print out as many YAL business cards you would need for the day. There was no limit to the number you could print out, as long as you had the business card paper in stock. My printer can print on both sides, so I was able to place something on the back side of the card as well. I put “If you love freedom and want a limited government and sound money, please visit our website.” They also had pre-made templates to add your own personal info to fliers and print on demand. It was a really nice and effective tool. Leave the business cards wherever you go, i.e. restaurants (place between your tip or on top of tip), Wal-Mart bulletin boards, college campus bulletin boards, laundry mats, phone booths, etc.

Truthfully, there’s many different things we can do to build awareness of the YAL website, but for the sake of space, I’ll end the few suggestions here. Long live freedom! For the YAL site monitors, admin, or moderators; if this is not a good place to have it here, feel free to remove it.

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