How to Win Friends and Respect Them: Why “Political Correctness” Belongs in Our Movement

So here is some required reading — that is if we want out movement to be vibrant and diverse.

respectIt’s a free zine/pamplet called “said the pot to the kettle [feminist theory for anarchist men].”

Now those words, feminism and anarchism, are two words that are not always thought to be associated with the Liberty Movement. But, if you are comfortable with reading Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, without necessarily being a radical leftist then you should be fine reading this without necessarily identifying as an anarchist or feminist.

But this pamphlet covers A LOT of important common sense ways to maintain diverse membership in your group. Its really simple — don’t say and do really offensive things.

Don’t make sexist, heterocentric, racist, classist, actions, jokes and remarks.
You don’t have to go out of your way, really; just don’t be a jerk and pay attention to how you use language.

“Political correctness” is often derided by conservatives and libertarians — and often for good reasons. But rejecting codified language is not a license to blather out every possible sentence that could hurt someone. At least, it isn’t if we want our movement to include people other than pasty white dudes in sweater vests (or leathers jackets). All due respect to pasty white dudes (I’m one), but the more inclusive our movement is the stronger our movement is.

When you have meet ups and hang outs, a misplaced joke can make someone feel very uncomfortable. You may feel that is an infringement on your freedom of speech to watch what you say, and if you don’t want many people to join your group feel free to keep feeling that way. But our words and actions do have consequences.

safe spaceYour group should be a safe space for anyone that wants to       participate in the struggle for liberty. Because we as libertarians see people as individuals, I think it follows that we shouldn’t want to make anyone feel unwanted or uncomfortable because they are a certain type of individual.

Can you really think of any good reason for your meetings and hang outs not to be safe and welcoming for everyone?

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