How to withdraw consent from the state (Or, how to stick it to the man)

From Wendy McElroy, an individualist feminist and anarchist:

1. Improve yourself.
2. Stop subsidizing your enemy.
3. Stop doing business with your enemy.
4. Stop doing business with people who support your enemy.
5. Support private alternatives to government services.
6. Create parallel mechanisms to replace government functions.
7. Expose the enemy among us.
8. Master the issues.
9. Have the moral courage to confront others.
10. Get involved in campaigns designed to enlighten and enrage the public.
11. Engage in civil disobedience.
12. Find ways to avoid taxes.
13. Pamphleteer.
14. Write free-market novels and produce free-market movies.
15. Consider becoming an expatriate.

Read the details on each of these ideas for withdrawing your consent from the state here.

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