HR 1207 Fax Bomb Friday!

Looking at that title, I’m wondering if we’ll be seeing any more “militia” branding in the near future…

Anyway, if you can get to a fax machine today, consider sending a few copies of the fliers over at the Daily Paul to your Congressmen (if they haven’t cosponsored the bill yet), along with a short letter detailing your support of the transparency of the Federal Reserve the bill calls for.

You can read the beautifully simple and concise bill here on its govtrack page.

Interest in the Federal Reserve for the past half-year or so is at the highest it’s ever been, just check out this Google Trends page (typing in ‘Ron Paul’ is also fun). Citizens are definitely starting to wonder what exactly it is the Fed does that is so necessary to the operation of our economy — let’s encourage that sentiment by garnishing this bill with our full support.

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