Huge Success at LDS Business College

Constitution Week at LDS Business College resulted in an amazing turnout! Our new student orientation was also a success. On a private campus with roughly 1,800 students, we were able to contact virtually every new student, leading to high attendance at our first general meeting.

Before school had convened for the semester, we had more than 20 people attend our first meeting! We have since filled many leadership roles and have more students coming every week.

Preparing Posters for Constitution Day

Many hands make light work, so we were able to do something that none of us have ever done before — build a Free Speech Wall! With assignments divided amongst us, we were able to not only get all the supplies needed, but complete our task!

Raw Product

The completion of our Free Speech Wall was an inspiration for our membership. For the first time we were able to stand together as one and appreciate a concrete reminder of the freedoms for which we fight. Before them stood a 4×8-foot wall where anyone could write according to the desires of their heart.

So...wanna pen?

Our club put many hours into Constitution week, from making posters to shopping to building the wall and finalizing the details. We are very engaged and committed to the cause!

Our group is very hopeful about our future, considering the small size of our campus and the great turnout not only at our meetings but at the Free Speech Wall. We have many more events on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Check out more photos of our Free Speech Wall below:

To each their own corner...

"I can write anything?!"

Leave room for me!

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