Humble Libertarian reveals Obama warning labels

FDA Cigarette Labels

In its latest show of fascism and nanny statism, the Obama Administration has just revealed new graphic warnings that will be required on all cigarette packages by September 2012.

“With these warnings, every person who picks up a pack of cigarettes is going to know exactly what risk they’re taking,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told reporters.

While we’re out requiring truth in advertising, the FEC should get in on this action and require Obama’s 2012 campaign to display large graphics of people starving in communist countries above every use of its logo and on every campaign sign so that “every person who votes for Obama is going to know exactly what risk they’re taking.”

Just to kick it off with a concept design, I’ve used a 2005 photo of starving children in North Korea from the World Health Organization. Wanna be more like North Korea? Vote for Obama:

Obama Warning Label

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