Hundreds of Mount students turn out for Constitution Day lecture

George Weigel speaks in the campus auditorium

Constitution Week was met with great enthusiasm at Mount Saint Mary’s! On Constitution Day itself, hundreds of students gathered to hear renowned speaker, George Weigel, give a talk on the Constitution and what some of our liberties actually mean. The auditorium was completely packed as these youth listened intently to a discussion about one thing all young people want and need: liberty.

Pocket Constitutions were given out so that people might actually read the document that governs our country. Educating seemed to be a main topic for the week. Other excitements grew out of this activism week as well! These include new member sign ups, flyer ideas, discussions about Obamacare and legislative processes, and, most importantly, a lead to start a new chapter at a college in Front Royal, Virginia! Constitution Week is all about liberty, but why stop at one week when we are supposed to live under the rules of this wondrous document? People do not want to be spied on or told what to do; they want liberty. Let’s continue to grow and promote freedom in a way that is unprecedented and have the youth at our forefront!! 

Members fight to end privacy invasion

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