If you haven’t done so yet, check out a new initiative from YAL’s sister organization, Campaign for Liberty.  Called “I AM C4L,” the project asks C4L supporters to submit short videos in which they explain why they are Campaign for Liberty:

I AM Campaign for Liberty is an interactive declaration designed to bring recognition to the many personalities that make up the C4L community.  Campaign for Liberty members from across the country will be posting videos on this site, thereby breathing life and conviction into the foundational mission and principles of Campaign for Liberty….

“I AM Campaign for Liberty” will show not only the political establishment, but the entire nation, that our organization is made up of real people, with real concerns, who have a voice, and who aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

Learn more about the project here, and make sure you submit your video by the deadline on September 27!  Here are a few videos which have been submitted so far:

Let’s get some YAL faces on that page!

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