I Bet You’ve Wanted to Do This, but You Have a Heart

In another bright and shining example of people relying on the nanny state to be their nanny:  According to an article from TheSmokingGun.com a “mother called police to report that the child was crying, screaming, and refusing to go to bed.” So the police rush to the rescue and attempt to subdue the 10-year-old girl and make her listen to her parents. “After [the girl] continued to refuse her mother’s instructions, the cop concluded that ‘there was not going to be a peaceful resolution of the issue’.” So in his infinite wisdom and with permission from the mother, he tases her into submission, slaps on some cuffs and takes her to juvie. Follow the link above to see the actual police report.

I’m not a parent, but I have worked in a grocery store and watched many tantrums take place. I know that dealing with unruly children is always a hassle. I know I’ve thrown a few temper tantums in my time as a youngster. I’m not even against some type of corporal punishment, a little slap accross the wrists or a spanking might just be the answer. But who in their right mind believes the answer to a childs disobediance is to tase them, let alone asking it be done by the police? Perhaps next time she should take the Abe Simpson approach to parenting and slip her a little NyQuil to get her to sleep. That at least won’t involve tax dollars.

Thanks to LRC Blog for this link story.

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