I couldn’t help but notice…

… as I set up my table Wednesday the 16th, in defiance of the campus “free speech zone” policy, a strange hypocrisy at play.

These disgraceful speech policies, under which the school threatened to have me removed from campus just last week, seem not to apply when the faculty approve of a student’s message.

While I stood, distributing copies of our founding documents, a massive anti-Trump protest flooded the walkway of Pierce College. They prevented students from walking by, shouted through bullhorns, and generally broke every single rule laid out by the school’s policies. Rather than issuing them the same ultimatum they offered me, the school stood by and watched. Worse, many teachers ENCOURAGED this behavior by cancelling class to allow students to attend this protest. I’m told the administrative staff of the school so supported the message, they stood by to watch the students speak.

This massive, disorganized, noisy, ineffective bunch of students were permitted to disrupt campus activities with absolutely no consequences, while my quiet student effort to discuss free speech has been singled out and harassed by campus authorities.

I support the right to free speech, and thus believe those students had a right to protest, even if I dislike their message. I simply wish my school afforded such protections to ALL students on campus, instead of only those with whom they agree.

I hope, by my humble defiance, I might offer challenge to this unjust policy, and remind my fellow students that universities are not intended to be echo-chambers, where we are exposed only to a single point of view.

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