I couldn’t help wondering…

“When I overhear my friends talking about politics without me.” — Ron Paul Problems

The other day I was thinking about how many of my friends just don’t care about politics. I can understand how annoying it is to them — dirty campaigning, endless promises never kept to one group or another, and constant solicitations from politicians who just need a few more dollars. I for whatever reason fall into that category of people who can look past all the faults and still find interest in it. And I certainly don’t think that makes me better than anyone. I almost envy those that can live “blissfully ignorant” lives. Anyways I was wondering if the Founding Fathers ever experienced their friends getting upset with them for talking about politics. After all, only about 40% of the population of the colonies supported the Patriots’ cause.

What made me think about this was the other night, I met a friend at her house and we went to the bar. We were having a great conversation about all kinds of trivial things, but then she mentioned taxes. She knows I’m libertarian and I’m sure she did this just to bait me, it worked. I couldn’t help myself and long story short, 30 minutes later I was onto road privatization. As you can imagine shortly after that, tabs were paid and I was being dropped off back at the house and told goodnight. 

So going back to the thought: did Jefferson ever upset his friends for being too political? Most of my friends would classify themselves as Democrats and always vote. But they do not want to talk about any issue for more than a 5 minute span. The taverns of the late 1700s were the lifeblood of the American Revolution where men would plan, but I wonder if some nights people were just tired of all the Patrick Henry-types jabbering on and on about liberty.

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