“I don’t know why truth should ever hurt anybody. If they’re doing something and it’s harmful, just hiding it doesn’t help it.”

Listen to a new interview with Ron Paul, whom The Economist suddenly finds “not so easy to ignore,” here.   The quote in the title of this post (big letters so you can’t miss it!) is one of the high points of the interview, as Paul ably responds to the interviewer’s suggestion that auditing the Fed will actually make the central bank pursue even more disastrous policies.

It isn’t a very long interview, and one noteworthy part is the congressman’s discussion of his advocacy of auditing — and ultimately ending — the Federal Reserve:

The longer the campaign went, the louder the applause got on college campuses — that’s what shocked me, because I thought I was absolutely alone.  The other candidates who were running never mentioned it; the media didn’t care.  But I went to the campuses, and they started shouting “End the Fed,” burning Federal Reserve Notes, shouting Austrian economics.  That’s where the tremendous surprise was.  So the people, especially young people, are much further along on understanding and caring about this issue than the politicians in Washington and in the media.

Listen to the whole interview below, and here is an (always excellent) new article from Tom Woods on the Fed.


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