I just donated to YAL because I’m pissed

So a week ago I did a post at The Humble Libertarian to advertise YAL’s upcoming project, Year of Youth. Scrolling to the comment thread below the post, you’ll find that some commentator had the nerve to actually write:

Another fund-raising trick, to bleed the younger generation of liberty-lovers, and keep John Tate’s waistline expanding (among other things).

Are you kidding me? I responded thusly:

Whoa… that’s a weighty accusation. Why do you think it’s a fund-raising trick to benefit John Tate? To begin with, YAL and CFL are separate organizations with separate budgets. CFL and John Tate won’t see a cent of that money. Secondly, I’ve seen personally how YAL uses its funds, and I can tell you that I KNOW as a matter of firsthand experience that YAL uses its funds extremely well and very responsibly. They go toward training and mobilizing youth activists. I can’t think of a single non-profit that gets more measurable results toward increasing our liberties for each dollar it spends than YAL.

Then a day later the commentator left a comment that showed just how little (s)he is paying attention and just how little (s)he knows what (s)he’s talking about. I didn’t bother responding. But that hasn’t kept me from fuming about it every single day since then. Every time I visit YAL’s website to check for blog updates or think about YAL (which is a lot, lol) I remember what this ignoramus wrote and would feel my fists balling up in frustrating.

So here I am at 11 pm Mountain Time, sitting on a libertarian friend’s couch in Colorado with my laptop aglow and decided just to simply donate to YAL- put my dollar where the firmness of my convictions are. If you disagree with the statement that this commentator left above, please consider joining me and dropping a little donation towards Year of Youth. If enough people write in the comment threads that they’ve done so, I’m going to post a link to this on the comment thread back at my blog as my only response.

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