I Refuse to Buy GM if the Feds Own 72%

Given the recent news that the US government may soon own up to 72% of General Motors, I am now making a pledge not to buy from GM until the government gets out of the car business.

In a recent interview President Obama said the government had no choice but to take majority stake in GM, completely ignoring the possibility of a free market solution to the problem while still expressing an Orwellian regret over any government involvement.

This decision comes, of course, after years of government contribution to problems within the car industry through its union laws, regulations, and inflationary monetary policy. This is why I refuse to buy GM, and if the trend continues with other Detroit companies, American-made cars. I can’t support a company which is owned by the Federal government or an ideology that abandons the free market.

If GM’s predicament is truly as awful as it sounds, the company should be allowed to fail so its resources may be reallocated to more productive areas of the economy. This is the effect the free market would produce were it allowed to work unfettered.

Liberty is worth protecting, which is why I ask this question quite a bit: when is the R3VOLUTION??

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