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Here’s an idea that may be helpful to YAL groups around the country:

Our group (YAL at Middle Tennessee State University) is collaborating with other environmentally-minded students and student organizations to produce an entire month of events and activities in the public areas of campus that promote non-pollution and awareness of society’s pollution levels.  This group of collaborators consists of various political persuasions, ranging from the 2-party majority, libertarians, anarchists,  marxists, and democratic socialists.  So how is our YAL chapter fitting in?

Our plan is to create visuals and table events that report the amount of pollution that the Department of Defense dumps on the earth.  Ultimately, we are advocating against war as a whole, but focusing on the damage that it inflicts on the earth and living beings.  We plan on discussing nothing else during our event but the environmental impact.  Our intent is to host absolutely no political argument with any student, faculty, or staff, but we will hand out organizational information and provide a member sign-up sheet.

By remaining non-confrontational politically, I have been able to ask for assistance from all of the other members in this environmental coalition.  I have asked them all to conduct research on the topic.  Gather statistics on things such as oil consumption, use of electricity/utilities, total land space used, deployment of depleted uranium in Bradley, Abrams, and Apache weapons systems contrasted with the increase and total amount of reported cancer rates in newborns both prior to and after the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, etc.

I will compile the findings into a report that will be distributed to the student publicly during the tabling event.

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