If I were president…

Indulge me, I couldn’t do any worse…

President Obama has clearly made a mess of the effort to reform health care and in the process managed to alienate just about everyone.  He faces the specter of a failed presidency earlier than most as a result of having wildly misread Bush fatigue for a sweeping mandate for European socialism.  Might I suggest how he might quickly and eloquently turn his fortunes around? (I am wearing my practical politics hat now, so don’t post responses about how I am a liberty-hating, statist whore for even suggesting this.  I’m channeling Dick Morris now.)

Write 4 bills that are each of not more than a page long and address one specific health care reform.  Call a press conference and demand that Congress debate and take an up or down vote on each of the bills without amendment or attachment, promising to veto any of the bills that comes back with so much as a comma added.  The four bills would be:

  1. Permit drug re-importation
  2. Lift restrictions on interstate insurance sales
  3. Cap punitive tort damages at $1 million
  4. Restrict insurance companies from denial based on pre-existing conditions

In the current atmosphere most or all would pass.  The president would then have a list of legislative successes to ride into the fall elections.  Republicans would have to go along as would many Democrats happy to have a way out of their current predicament.  The president looks populist, pragmatic, responsive, and fiscally constrained, which takes some wind out of the tea party sails by giving moderates what they want.   Granted the FireDogLake crowd would be after him with pitchforks as would the hard right, but that’s exactly where he wants to be going into the midterms.  The Blue Dogs have a new lease on life and Obama regains some political capital to use throwing a bone to the left.  Oh, and it would improve health care too.

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