If you believe Rand Paul should talk, you’re wrong.

If the past couple days has taught us anything, it is the difference between a philosophical and political debate.

As a campaign consultant told me this week, “Dr. Paul should keep his month shut and not say another word. He must get back to talking to Kentucky voters about Kentucky issues. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 will NEVER come up in any Senate debate. Please, go back to being a politician. You have an incredible opportunity to fundamentally change the direction of this country, please go do that.

I believe that sums it up well, and it’s a lesson I hope all YAL members study and learn.

On the other hand, there is a very important philosophical debate here. People like Tom WoodsJacob Hornberger, Thomas Sowell, and John Stossel should take the Left to task. They should receive just as much ink and TV time as Rachel Maddow, the Daily KOS, and the Washington Post.

But, unfortunately this is where the Left wins. Their megaphones are bigger, and their printers have more ink.

To make my case, go survey major media outlets over the past two days. Watch 30 mins of MSNBC, and read articles on the Huffington Post. They are crucifying private property rights – a fundamental tenet of a free society. The Left is just shouting libertarians down. Make no doubt, the Left’s argument is unbelievably flawed and backwards. But the American people are buying it, because there is no one loud enough yelling back at them!

For the first time in 24-hour news cycle history, libertarianism is being debated on national news! This is a BIG deal. Being under attack by MSNBC, liberal blogs, and well… ALL other news outlets is a good thing for our cause. We’re making progress. Unfortunately, we don’t have the arsenal that equates to the vast right-wing noise machine to respond… yet.

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