Illinois State YAL: Productive Already

In a brief letter to the editor of his local paper, Illinois State YAL chapter president Kyle Kidwell makes a compelling case for his campus group:

Within one year of existence, the Illinois State University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty has flourished into the most influential political organization on campus.

Our local chapter’s mission statement: Present the ideals of natural rights and individual liberty. End the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. End victimless crime legislation; focusing on marijuana and underage drinking laws. Restore the right to privacy, and rebuke the intrusive police state. Shed light on the Federal Reserve System, and its betrayal of the American people.

We have hosted anti-war protests, Federal Reserve symposiums, the early 2010 governor candidates forum, megaphone demonstrations, hard-hitting political interviews, radio appearances and the Illinois Policy Institute.

Read the rest here — and if you’re a member of an active or forming YAL chapter, take notes.  This is an excellent example of easy activism you can do to raise awareness about liberty in your area.  Typically both local and campus papers will be happy to publish your submission and spread the word about YAL to a large audience…for free.

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