Illinois/Missouri takeover: SIU-C Edition

While on a westward excursion to a Youth Leadership School in Missouri, myself and two incredible liberty warriors out of the University of the Cumberlands made a few stops along the way at campuses that were in need of a little dose of liberty. 

The first stop was at Southeastern Illinois College. This was a relatively successful stop, as we got almost 20 signups walking around this small campus on a gloomy friday afternoon. Not only did we talk to some students who expressed some genuine interest, we also spoke to two professors who thought YAL was necessary for their campus, and expressed interest in becoming a faculty sponsor.

From there, my team and I made way for South Illinois University-Carondale. From there we met with a TPUSA member at the campus that was willing to help us find the hotspots on campus and handle any administration if we were approached. Our tour guide showed us around campus as we rolled our free speech ball along. For a Friday afternoon we actually had a good amount of responses, although some who signed the ball were reluctant to sign up. before we went off to our next stop, we ended up getting a good amount of contacts!

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