Immigration Formal Presentation/Discussion

Yesterday we had a fantastic event where our chapter at the University of Nevada, Reno, gave a formal presentation on the topic of immigration, followed by a Q&A/open discussion with all attendees and the presenters.

The consensus among members was to have mostly open border advocacy with an agreement that access to public welfare of any kind must only be given to United States citizens. In short, to let the market handle the demand for and fostering of immigration.

It was particularly wonderful, that even though the room was a majority Libertarian or some related ideology, there was a lot of lively and PEACEFUL debate going on. This is what free speech is all about: People competing in the peaceful marketplace of ideas and the best ideas winning out!

Since launching this club last fall, we have been told several times what a relief it is to be in a room with people where you can have disagreements without people getting angry or violent. It’s so fantastic to be a part of bringing the culture of peaceful disagreement back onto college campuses across the United States.

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