Impromptu Voter Registration

YAL at Pacific Lutheran University(PLU) is in its first semester but has truly hit the ground running. We held our first impromptu event as part of PLU Rock the Vote. It was a decent event several people stopped by and took “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz” (which was an interesting component) and we helped get people registered to vote. Although we didn’t attract any new members the President of our chapter was able to connect with several organizations, student leaders, and clubs on campus. this was definitely the greatest benefit. As club we were able to show student leaders, university leaders, and the campus as a whole that we intend to bring serious discourse to the campus, while always maintaining a “Winning on Principle” attitude. Additionally, the political quiz was a decent tool that illustrated what kind of opposition we are up against. It was noticed a few times that students were fabricating their scores to land on a more dominant part of the liberal sector. This shows that a portion of the student body is willing to fabricate data and blindly follow popular culture and party lines. The unwillingness to have discourse and to think critically regarding issues of our country is going to prove to be difficult. However, it is a challenge we are ready for. We have several events planned for the rest of the semester and are really excited about it.

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