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If you have ever spent some time around Central NY or Northern PA you know that we have two seasons, Winter and Construction.  This season of construction has a little stranger feel to it.

Every few weeks I have to make the drive between Occupied VA and my hometown of Endicott, NY.  A Drive that usually takes about five hours on a good day now tops out around seven or eight hours.  Although this usually would not get to me, as we are always either in a foot of snow or a construction zone, it seems our broke government has gone to great lengths and costs to remind us who exactly is wasting our time and money. 

At a cost of roughly $2,000 per sign, The Allentown Morning Call notes that nationwide several million dollars are being spent producing the signs.  The brilliant administration we currently have gives  “strong encouragement that the signs be put at every project site around the state”.    


So when your idling down the highway this summer keep an eye out for what will inevitably be credited with saving the U.S. Economy – stimulus roadsigns reminding you who is wasting your time and tax dollars. 

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