In May, Obama proposed indefinite preventative detention. What happened?

Rachel Maddow is obviously not great on everything, but in this video she gives a sweet monologue the “indefinite preventive detention” Obama proposed in May.  What exactly does this detention mean in practice?  Maddow explains it well, but here’s another example of how it could work:

Imagine you are picked up off the street for daring to write something provocative in your blog.  Perhaps you vaguely threaten to relocate to Afghanistan and work with a humanitarian aid organization there.  Unkown to you the humanitarian aid organization might possibly be associated with the Afghan resistence.  Perhaps the head of the aid organization is the third cousin twice removed of a suspected warlord causing our march for empire trouble on the border.  Based on that alone you could be kept in a cell forever.  After all, letting you out of that cell might mean you really would do what you threatened and we can’t have that.

This all happened in May.  Old news, right?  Yeah, it is.  But it’s not something we should forget about, especially when it’s so difficult to find more recent updates on the situation.  Here, for instance, is a blog post from a few days ago, but other than that, recent news on this situation seems to be nearly nonexistent. 

But maybe I’m missing something — thus this blog post.  Does anyone know what’s up?  I assume the proposal went through, but given the upcoming deadline (this Friday) for the closing of Guantanamo, I’m wondering exactly what happened.  Leave a comment if you’ve seen news I missed.

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