Incarceration Nation and 4/20 at University of Wisconsin – Green Bay!

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay tabled for Incarceration Nation all throughout the week of April 6 and got all 50 postcards filled out! We also got about 30 new sign-ups. We had a great time educating fellow students on mandatory minimums, and received much support.

Completed booth



Building the fake jail was an excellent bonding experience. The hardware establishment we patronized wouldn’t cut the PVC pipe… but luckily we have some resourceful members!



A couple weeks later, we knew it was going to be 4/20 and decided to use our materials, plus some (clean) brownies, to support legalizing marijuana and getting non-violent drug crime offenders out of jail! Our university’s claim to fame is being environmentally friendly, so we got a little sassy.


Overall, it was a successful April for University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s YAL chapter!

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