Incarceration Nation at Brown University

Incarceration Nation at Brown University proved to be an event which resonated with the student body and reinforced the notion of liberty and justice.

Reform the System

With the sun shining high and a cool breeze at our backs, the Brown YAL chapter took to the streets and set up the event on one of the busiest streets on campus. We immediately began to engage the pedestrians by providing informational handouts and inquiring about their thoughts on the topic and the gross injustices that are continued to be labeled as “acceptable”.


We encountered numerous students who needed no explanation on mandatory minimum sentencing and were very enthusiastic to show their support for prison reform.

Additionally, our members encountered many students who were completely unaware of the mandatory minimum sentencing. However, after providing a brief explanation and sharing the story of Weldon Angelos, every student who was uninformed immediately demonstrated their shock in regard to the injustice of mandatory minimum sentencing.


There was an overwhelming amount of support and resonance with our event on campus. Students, informed or uninformed on mandatory minimum sentencing, were very receptive and enthusiastic to show their support for fixing the system. Not only did our chapter further spread liberty across campus, but we were able to engage the student body to spread awareness of the unheard stories and injustice that characterizes mandatory minimum sentencing.

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