Incarceration Nation at Florida State University

When the newly organized Young Americans for Liberty at Florida State University stepped onto Landis Green, they had no idea what to expect. Nothing like this had ever been seen by the Seminole Nation. Never before had political goals been so blatantly presented. Never before had advocates with any agenda been so open to answering questions or so willing to break free from generic talking points. NEVER had Seminoles been imprisoned in a one walled, silver painted, PVC pipe prison.
But on April 14, 2015 that changed. Suddenly the students of Florida State University were exposed to something so unfamiliar, so alien, that many of them could not even bring themselves to look up from their smartphone screens and look it in the eye.
Liberty. There, it has been said. It was liberty they weren’t looking at. Liberty. Something very few understood and none had truly known.
Luckily for the future of our generation, there were a courageous few. These brave students dared to accept a flyer, sign a email list and (gasp) imprison themselves in the name of liberty!
YAL at FSU invites these lovers of liberty to join the fight against statism. They would also like to thank all of the partners who helped make this event a success. YAL at FSU doubled our email list and had a great time promoting liberty!
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