Incarceration Nation at Liberty University

For our last event of the semester, we ended on a high note with Incarceration Nation. Transitioning from photo shoots to policy discussion, we had a great time bringing a new perspective to our predominately Republican school.


We kicked off the week with a week of tabling, meeting in our school’s food court in the calm before the oncoming storm of finals week. We had a little too much fun asking our friends if they were criminals. We’d ask them, “did you ever drink alcohol while underage, smoke marijuana, or know some who does?”

Imagine how awkward that question is at school where the legal consumption of alcohol amounts to a 500 dollar fine.

Many students were sympathetic to our message concerning America’s disproportionate prison population, the harmful effects of mandatory minimums, and the war on drugs.

That Thursday we held a “Prison Party” where we ate pizza, watched a documentary on Weldon Angelos, discussed criminal justice reform, played murder mystery card games, and took our mug shots.


We had a great time taking the message of liberty to Liberty University.

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