Incarceration Nation at Mercyhurst University

On April 20 the Mercyhurst University YAL chapter hosted an Incarceration Nation tabling session in our schools newly reopened student union. Mercyhurst is usually a pretty quiet school and there is only a limited amount of student activism.

Incarceration Nation 1

However, that all changed last Monday. Incarceration Nation turned into our most successful activism event in our group’s two year history.

Incarceration Nation 2

Not only did we manage to collect over 45 signatures and expand out email list by over a third, but we also were able to educate dozens of students about the need for criminal justice reform, the problems caused by the war on drugs, and the dangers of police militarization with resources from YAL, SFL, and the Cato Institute.

Incarceration Nation 3

It was very encouraging to see students (who normally don’t pay much attention to these important issues) engage and learn more about them.

Incarceration Nation 4

Many of them were horrified to learn that the United States makes up only 5% of the world’s population, but has over 25% of the world’s prisoners.

Incarceration Nation 5

Hopefully our event served as a wake-up-call that will encourage people to not only look into these issues more, but to educate their friends and family about them as well.

Incarceration Nation 6

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