Incarceration Nation at Montgomery College

Today we did Incarceration Nation at Montgomery College for the first time and I think we were pretty successful with 10 sign ups. We set up a table in the student restaurant and we were able to engage with a lot of students just by being friendly. Many people came up to our table and were interested by the material we had set up on the table, especially pocket constitutions. Many people wanted more information and I received a really positive response about organizing a group chat to set up a meeting time for our first meeting. The group of students we talked to were diverse, from criminal justice majors to psychology majors. Many people were interested in what it is that YAL does and Mason was a great resource to explain the organization and how they help people make a difference and potentially get jobs and internships. We even had a professor sign up to get more information and he could be a good resource with the school and a potential adviser. I also spoke to 2 of my professors who were interested about getting involved and raising awareness within the school. Overall, today was a big success and it was awesome talking to students and being friendly and trying to get them involved.

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