Incarceration Nation at Pima Community College

Being the last event of the semester for our chapter, Incarceration Nation at Pima Community College went amazingly! But a few things got in the way…

During the past two semesters there has been a new administration at the Student Life Office, the department at the college that handles all official student clubs and related activities. Everything the chapter does has to be approved by this office and being a left-leaning college, you might already know what issues got in the way.


Young Americans for Liberty at Pima Community College started in the college scene as a conservative-only group and was assumed to be comprised of extremists who worked with the GOP, although nobody asked us what we stood for or what we believed.  Consequently, we were left out of important college events.

Incarceration Nation was no exception to this kind of treatment from the office. For the event, YAL submitted all the important forms by their deadlines and asked permission for everything involved with the event more than two weeks before the due date. Despite meeting their expectations, a week before the event we received an email saying that the office needed more details for the event and that we needed to fill up a form called “Public Expression Reservation Form” in order for them to “protect the organization.”  

We replied with even more details and declined to fill out the form. A day before the event, right before the office closed, we received an email saying that there were not enough details and that they did not “feel comfortable approving this event as it [was] described,” with their concern being the delivery of the message. Our only reaction was to call the coordinator directly and try to reach an agreement while keeping the event as it was planned. After about 30 minutes of our president talking to the coordinator we reached an agreement. The event was approved and we still declined to fill out the required form.

Painting Our Mock JailAfter that our chapter got to hold the two-day event on April 14 and 15 featuring a mock jail made by the chapter members! 

During the event many people, both students and faculty, stopped by the table we had in one of the most trafficked areas on campus.

Our Table During The Event

We got almost two pages full of sign-ups, along with many mugshots of people who agreed to take a picture behind our mock jail! We were also happy to team up with Jonathan Soto and the University of Arizona chapter. 



Event materials provided by YAL National were also distributed along with pocket constitutions and literature. One of the most prominent materials distrubuted were the YAL-branded cards called “How To Deal With Police”. It even got transcribed into an article made about the event by the college newspaper, The Aztec Press. 


YAL will continue its efforts to spread the ideals of liberty and inspire more people to fight against what has become a really big, scary government. For liberty!

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