Incarceration Nation at Ramapo College of New Jersey

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 29, 2015 I proudly hosted Ramapo College’s Incarceration Nation event on campus. Our Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty is essentially brand new this semester and I became a one man army committed to making this event a success.

Building the Jail

Jail Creation

These are photos of construction of the jail cell before and after the painting process.

Initially, I had my event located inside; here is the set-up.

Set Up

set up 2

After receiving some light foot traffic and approaching students regarding our outreach. I was able to connect with half a dozen or so students and was able to get a few interested individuals to take pictures in my jail cell. 

Jail pic

first catch

After a decline in passing traffic, I decided to move my operation outside. This is what our new set up turned into. 


After tabling from 10:30 am to roughly 5:30 pm I moved everything inside where we were screening the Wheldon Angelos documentary. I ordered pizza and soda and encouraged everyone I met throughout the day to come check it out. Here are the pictures of our documentary group.

group 1

group 2

Overall considering this was our first and unfortunately my last YAL event on campus, I felt it was successful. I was able to speak to over thirty individuals and spread awareness about this troubling problem facing our society. I also spoke at length with half a dozen faculty members who were very interested and had a good dialogue with me regarding this issue.

Considering Ramapo is an extremely small school and Wednesday is the day with the least amount of classes, providing the least amount of individuals on campus, I felt the event was a great achievement. Finally I will end with a picture that my daughter took with me. Fighting for the cause at two and half years old. 

me and soph

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