Incarceration Nation at the College of Southern Maryland

It was a damp afternoon but that didn’t stop YAL at College of Southern Maryland from doing what they do best, talking liberty. Many people took offense at us approaching them and asking if they were criminals, but once we explained our intentions they became receptive. We had a lot of positive responses from people about wanting to change our justice system. Many were willing to take a “mug shot” to show support.

mug shot

mug shot

mug shot

The student pictured in the yellow shirt above actually showed us a video taken from his phone of police officers stopping him for no reason that he could think of. He was parked and making a phone call when it happened.

We had around 11 people come to our follow-up meeting and got multiple sign-ups. Everyone who attended was encouraged to sign our postcard in support of criminal justice reform. They were also encouraged to enjoy the free pizza we had. 


Having 11 people at our first official meeting was encouraging for being on such a small campus. We plan to use the same materials to recruit at the upcoming spring fling. Best wishes to all the YAL members out there trying to reform criminal justice!

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