Incarceration Nation at the University at Buffalo

The YAL chapter at the University of Buffalo held a successful event for Incarceration Nation last Friday.  We showed students how there is a need for Criminal Justice Reform. We informed them of the harshness of mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent, victim less crimes and how they could help bring awareness to these unjust laws. 

Additionally, we dressed up as convicts to illustrate the notion that the number of frivolous, unjust laws in this country is so unbelievably high that anybody could be labeled a criminal and yet still have no idea that they had committed a crime.

Incarceration Nation 1

Incarceration Nation 2
The erosion of personal freedoms is a serious concern in the U.S. and we were able to bring awareness to students on the importance of criminal justice reform. Overall this event was a success. We look forward to having more events on campus in the future and spreading the message of liberty.
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