Incarceration Nation at the University of Delaware

The University of Delaware recently hosted our second activism event on campus: Incarceration Nation.

Incarceration Nation Tabling

This was the second time our chapter had held an incarceration event and they decided to improve upon last year’s. Rather than having it inside YAL@UD set up on their centrally located green to maximize student traffic. We had two posters one with incarceration and drug war statistics and one with information about why students should join YAL.

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Last year UD’s YALers learned our student body did not respond well to questions about their own criminality. It was not a good hook. Instead we offered students their choice of candy or a “pot brownie” (cosmic brownies in a cooking pot). Wondering why strangers had offered them food students questioned UD’s activists what they were doing and were then educated on mass incarceration in America.


They were then told that this was through a Registered Student Organization on campus called Young Americans for Liberty and that we would be having an interest meeting at 7 PM later that night. Over 30 new students signed up and 8 new members have been attending meetings since. 

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