Incarceration Nation at the University of Iowa

On Tuesday, April 18th, University of Iowa’s YAL chapter hosted an Incarceration Nation event to spread awareness about the high rate of incarceration in the U.S. We had quite a few people stop for a picture behind bars and we passed out all of our Incarceration Nation flyers. Our goal was to start a conversation about incarceration and the large amount of people that are in jail for non-violent offences, and I believe we achieved that.

Among the people that our chapter spoke with was Iowa City’s Mayor, Jim Throgmorton. He was interested in our activism and shared promising information with us about a decline in the prison population in Iowa City. A few years ago there had been plans to build a bigger jail to house more prisoners. Not only did that not happen, but the prison population has had about a 10% decrease since that time. In addition, there are plans to create a facility for people that are experiencing substance abuse where they can spend the night and have access to rehabilitation services. This is all part of a process aiming to divert people in this situation from going to jail.

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