Incarceration Nation at the University of New Mexico


Young Americans for Liberty hosted Incarceration Nation on campus this passed November. The event was great, we were able to work with the Drug Policy Alliance, and they provided us with a ton of literature, signage, and stickers to give away at our table! The Drug Policy Alliance’s contribution made students see our table from far, and even proved to attract many students that had an interest in ending the drug war to our table. 


Our YAL Chapter went above and beyond in the construction of the jail. Instead of doing the face of the jail only, we built a nearly enclosed jail cell, complete with three walls, and a base which made it stand freely. We were able to do this through the YAL activism grant, as well as contributions from the Leadership Institute. 

Set up

Incarceration Nation served as our “wrap-up” event as we draw the semester to a close. We gained a total of 47 sign ups and a lot of interest in our group. It seems like I see the “No More Drug War” stickers on everyone’s laptop nowadays! We’re excited to see how Young Americans for Liberty grows at the University of New Mexico.

Students enjoying Incarceration Nation


More students

YAL's President Elect

Incarceration Nation

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