Incarceration Nation at UIS

YAL at University of Illinois at Springfield hosted a successful Incarceration Nation event on campus early last week. Our chapter constructed a jail cell to display at our table as we highlighted the astronomical rates of incarceration in the United States and the detrimental impact of the War on Drugs.

Jail Cell

We grabbed a lot of attention with the jail cell and talked to many students, staff, and professors on campus. We received a lot of positive attention and were able to discuss the problems that the War on Drugs has wrought on communities, families, and individuals.

jail cell

Additionally, we offered information about mandatory minimum sentencing and cards with valuable information about how to interact with police. These cards were very popular and offered a lot of valuable information about the rights citizens maintain when interacting with police. These were our most popular item, with students taking multiple copies to give to their friends.

We also had plenty of students sign postcards urging congress to take action and roll back destructive policies that have led to mass incarceration.

jail clell

Criminal justice reform is an issue that unites those of many political backgrounds. This event highlighted that, as students from diverse backgrounds and political affiliations showed support for this event.

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