Incarceration Nation at UL Lafayette

YAL at UL partnered with the Black Male Leadership Association for “Incarceration Nation Week.” On Tuesday (18th) we tabled in front of our library by handing out flyers educating our fellow students on our broken criminal justice system and asking students to take pictures with our mock prison to share on social media. We had a great reaction from students and got over fifty signatures on our petition demanding criminal justice reform.

On the following Thursday (20th) we held our “Incarceration Nation Q&A.” We invited four legal experts to speak: Pat Magee, former prosecutor and defense attorney, Donald Bostic, Senior FBI agent, Ambassador Grover Reese, former judge and US Ambassador, and Peter Williams, candidate for US Senate. The Q&A was a very educational experience for everyone in attendance (we had over 50 people attend!) We also were able to hold a very open and honest discussion about race and the role it plays in our criminal justice system. My favorite part was when all four panelists agreed that the War on Drugs is a complete failure and is coming to an end.


Last week was a great week for YAL at UL. 

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