Incarceration Nation at Ursinus College

On Monday, April 4th the Ursinus College YAL chapter set out to spread awareness about our prison population.  We built a jail with materials from the local hardware store, and used the materials from the Incarceration Nation activism kit sent to us from YAL.  We passed out materials with information about Weldon Angelos and How to Deal with Police cards. Our goal was to inform students on the over-criminalization of our justice system.
The event took place in Olin Plaza outside Wismer dining hall.  Even with the sporadic rain, we garnered several sign ups and promoted our discussion that was taking place later that night.  At the discussion we showed a clip about Weldon Angelos’ story, and then had a discussion about the War on Drugs. Our discussion started with a poll on several different drugs asking the students in the discussion if they think it should be illegal, decriminalized, or legalized.
This led to a fruitful discussion about the morality of banning drugs, and things that can result from the militarization of police and the largest prison population in the world. Overall this event was a great success in bringing awareness to our fellow students. We look forward to having more events on campus and spreading the message of liberty. 
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