Incarceration Nation at Ursinus College

On April 11, Ursinus College hosted Incarceration Nation on campus. Our goal was to educate students about the effects of the war on drugs on minority communities and the militarization of police. This was the third year in a row that we hosted this event during the Spring semester on campus. We were able to reuse our old jail that we built 2 years ago. We also handed out the incarceration nation themed handouts about Weldon Angelos and the, “How to Deal with Police” cards. We were able to fill up several sign up sheets to promote our discussion that night on the war on drugs and police militarization. We had about 15 students show up to our discussion.

The event was an overall success and brought our email list to 210 students.  Our student body is just 1600 students, so that puts our email list at over 13 percent of the student body.

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