Incarceration Nation at Valencia College

“I guess I shouldn’t be smiling for this, huh?” I said, wrapping my fingers around the prison bars. I squinted into the lens, my mouth hidden by the sign. The words “I Support Reform” fluttered in the breeze that came washing down on us.  


We at Valencia College’s west campus YAL chapter held our Incarceration Nation event on April 21. We set up headquarters at a table outside of a large building on campus. Our table was stacked high with pizza boxes and literature. Throughout the course of the event, various students came to the table, devouring pizza and the principles of limited government.


Some members of our group handed out literature to students who were passing by. Our conversation-starter of choice was, “Are you a criminal?”


“Of course not,” they’d say. Until YAL members started asking questions.

We got lots of students to stand behind bars and have their picture taken for the sake of prison reform. Some students expressed shock when they found out about the sentences handed down to people in possession of drugs.


Click here to see more pictures from our event!

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