Incarceration Nation @ Daytona State College

This past month, Daytona State College was hard at work taking part in Incarceration Nation. We decided to join the cause and create our own PVC jail, along with other chapters who have done so. The jail was a photo prop used as a method of getting those roaming campus interested in coming over to our booth and speaking to us about this pressing issue.


All this is very similar to the other Incarceration Nation projects taking place across the nation; however, ours is a little bit different.

This is just the first step for our Incarceration Nation project. Doing this helped create awareness of our future event, provided useful information about our local law enforcement, and gave examples from local citizens about instances in which law enforcement has once again abused their rights.


Hearing about these examples, we decided to take a further step aside from just spreading knowledge about the issue itself. Yes learning is half the battle, but Daytona would like to finish this battle on a local level.


We are currently working on hosting a law enforcement panel event, where local citizens can come and hear the 6 local police department chiefs talk and answer questions about both the rights of law enforcement and rights of U.S. citizens.

It’s important to admit we too are at fault, not just law enforcement.

Think about it… How often do you see a police officer and immediately feel uncomfortable about being around him/her? You see, even though you do not know this individual, you assume this officer to be just like the ones mainstream media conveys them to be on the news daily.

This is what they want.

Yes law enforcement has been over stepping their rights, but now because almost all citizens chastise them with names such as “pigs”, “monsters”, and “crooks” even though it is only a small amount abusing their rights (still under 10 percent) it is making officers more inclined to continue doing so. Hell if I put on a bullet proof vest as my suit to go to work everyday, where my job is to keep citizens safe, and these citizens made fun of me and hated me for risking my life to keep violence away from the people I would get pretty pissed off too…

Don’t you see? They are trying to draw lines between law enforcement and U.S. citizens, instead of having them work together to solve this issue. Don’t give in.

Until the relationship between law enforcement and U.S. citizens is restored, both sides will do wrong simply because both sides hate each other. Don’t let our government continue to pull us apart by sex, gender, race, or job occupation. In the end, we are all in this mess of a country together, and it isn’t going to get fixed unless we address it together. So let’s do so, in the name of liberty.

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