Incarceration Nation @ DWC!

The last week of classes is coming to an end, and finals are about to start, but the Engineering Students at Daniel Webster College were on fire to support reform of the judicial system!

We’re a small school, so to get 20-30 people asking questions and 10-15 signing postcards is pretty big. I handed out materials, asked who had consumed alcohol under 21 (and called out all the liars) and had some good debates with a few students who felt like “55 years per pound” was justice served. (I forgot to attach the sheet to the bars, but trust me, these criminals support reform.


The Leader in Chains

Sir Ralphsalot

The Actual Jail


The Bathrooms aren't that bad...

Maybe Jailbait

We Imprison All Peoples Alike

Overall it was a huge success, and I’m distributing the materials though Monday for even greater effect. A huge shout out to Cliff Maloney and YAL for the resources, liberty is alive and well!

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