Incarceration Nation & Flint Fundraiser

The Ithaca College YAL chapter held its first Incarceration Nation event this past Tuesday. It was rewarding to educate and engage students on our country’s broken criminal justice system. To highlight the flaws in our system, we partnered the Incarceration Nation event with a fundraiser to send clean water to Flint, MI.

Student Poses with our Mock Jail.
We contrasted the mandatory 55-year prison sentence given to Weldon Angelos for selling marijuana with the lack of charges brought against Flint government officials for poisoning an entire city’s water supply. The fundraiser showed students the efficiency of helping others through voluntary means, and how not all goodwill comes from the government.

Student Poses with our Mock Jail.
In the process, we garnered 15 new signups, and followed up the event at our next meeting by screening “America’s Longest War: A Film about Drug Prohibition.” Students left our meeting wanting to continue to take action, and are excited about the New Jersey State Convention.
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