Incarceration Nation rolls out in Massachusetts

YAL in Massachusetts started a state-wide tour for Incarceration Nation today, beginning in Cambridge at Harvard University and in Boston at Northeastern University. A team of liberty-minded activists from across the New England area helped make our launch event a success. We helped educate fellow young citizens on the dangers of mass incarceration and highlight the need for criminal justice reform.

Huskies support reform!

Many, like the above inmate, were very supportive of YAL’s goals. He and many others signed the petition calling for reform, which will make its way across the state before being sent back to join others sent in from across YAL’s network.

He's happy that we're doing something about this!

While this activism event did put us out into the field, we also made sure that we had a solid tabling team to back us up. There, we collected many of our signatures and distributed literature to those who wanted to learn more about this issue. We also armed our peers with YAL’s “How to Deal with the Police” cards and shared with them the unfortunate story of Wheldon Angelos –– a result that no one we spoke to found to be just.

A sad, sad inmate

Of course, an activism event is only as strong as the base of people supporting it. YAL teamed up with SFL members to work together on this issue, and we thank them immensely for their support. As fellow libertarians, we can all recognize the importance of civil liberties and the need to effect change in order to secure others’ civil liberties as well.

Table game, on point!

After today, our plan is to head out to Worcester, Massachusetts, where we hope to expose even more people to the importance of our cause. Stay tuned for that stop, and to see where Incarceration Nation is heading next!

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