Incarceration Nation @ The University of Southern Mississippi

Students at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park campus were surprised to be informed of their criminality. Many did not want their pictures taken behind our homemade jail cell door, and really, who can blame them? Nobody wants to be put in jail. Yet here in America it seems that everyone is a criminal.


We displayed the fact that we are all criminals to the students on campus by asking them if they have had alcohol under the age of 21, smoked marijuana, or known someone that has smoked marijuana. A handful of students informed us that they indeed had smoked marijuana but it was legal in the state were they partook. Of course we then had the displeasure of informing them that though it is undeniably legal for recreational uses in some states it is still federally against the law. This came as a shock to them.

#FixTheSystem USM April 2015

Most of the Southern Miss students filled out post cards to be sent to Congress and thanked us for informing not only them but other students. They also were very interested in joining Young Americans for Liberty and we look forward to seeing them at our future meetings.

April 2015 Incarceration Nation

Incarceration Nation was a great way to wrap up the school year. In addition to holding our tablings in high traffic areas we had the added bonus of more students being on campus due to the school having already planned end of year activities throughout the week in nearby locations so the students passed our table on the way to the other events.

Students are NOT Criminals!!

So sad to be found guilty

Busted by YAL for being an American Crimal

Happy to break the unjust laws

Oh no He admitted his guilt.

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