Incarceration Nation @ UMBC

After a bit of difficulty with our school event software, YAL at University of Maryland Baltimore County managed to pull off our Incarceration Nation event with great success!

In the works

in the works 2

We managed to get at least a page of sign-ups, and talk to quite a few students on our campus. We plan on showing the documentary at our Friday meeting, hopefully we will see some of the new faces we met while tabling.





We want the students we spoke to will walk away with more knowledge of over-criminalization and how to deal with police when they encounter them.

We even managed to stir up a bit of buzz on Yik Yak on our campus. The running joke was that the brownies we were serving were laced with marijuana, or we didn’t lace them because weed wasn’t in the project budget.



yik 2

yak 2

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