Incarceration Nation @ University of Montana

The University of Montana is a progressive stronghold and consistently rated as one of the most liberal campuses in the nation. Our Young Americans For Liberty chapter is the only center-right activism that the campus has seen in the last 5 years so we knew we needed a broad based message to appeal to students of all stripes. That’s why we choose to hold an Incarceration Nation event. Criminal Justice Reform is something that individuals from both the right and the left can get behind. 
Our chapter used the pop culture buzz from the Netflix documentary making a murderer to open up a broader conversation about the state of our criminal justice system. We used the incarceration kit to raise awareness on campus and to invite students to a follow up meeting where we discussed criminal justice reform themes in the Netflix documentary. 
As you can see in the pictures the event was a huge success and played an instrumental role in launching our chapter. Overnight we went from 3 members to now having 15 liberty loving members. This is the most successful liberty minded activism that our campus has seen in over 5 years. Our follow up meeting was also a success with 20 people coming out to the meeting.
Now our members are looking forward to fixing UM’s free speech codes and in the process changing its rating with FIRE. We look forward to continuing to grow our chapter and spreading the message of liberty.
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