Incarceration Nation/End the War on Drugs event at Kutztown

On Friday March 4th, the Kutztown University’s YAL chapter executed an activism event called End the Drug War. This was one of the first events were several members of our chapter came out to help table for such an important event. 
The event ended up being very popular among the students at Kutztown. As a result, we got 50 signatures from interested students. We also managed to make over $60 in donations from brownies we made for the event. 
Our follow up meeting was a great success. We began with videos informing attendees on how the War on Drugs impacts the lives of so many people. These videos sparked conversation and we found everyone became more aware of the increased incarceration rates that result from the War on Drugs. We also were able to give out T-shirts and had pizza at the meeting.
We look forward to bringing awareness to more students on our campus and spreading the message of liberty.
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