Increase Diversity Bake Sale at Cypress College

On Wednesday, March 26, Cypress College’s Associated Students (student government) planned an event called World Fest Day. The event’s objective was to exhibit and encourage ethnic diversity by having each campus club represent a nation and showcase that country’s culture. Instead of representing a country, members of the Cypress College’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter thought it would be a perfect opportunity to inform the student body on the killer of diversity on college and university campuses: affirmative action policies.

We decided to hold an Increase Diversity Bake Sale at the same time as the World Fest event. Our bake sale prices designed to demonstrate how mandated affirmative action perpetuates racial stereotypes and discrimination. Although some school bureaucrats attempted to shut down our event, our chapter president and inter-club council representative showed him all the necessary paperwork that gave us permission to hold the bake sale.  Determined to shut down our operation, he pointed at a small technicality in our paperwork regarding the location we requested, and attempted to make us move to a secluded part of campus. Despite these difficulties, we were ultimately able to continue our event on the main campus quad.

We sold more than forty cookies, and reached out to many more students. Although some students and faculty opposed our message, many engaged in productive discussion with us. Overall, it was a great learning experience for all our members, and we feel glad to have been able to educate our campus on an important issue.

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